My Revenue Sources
(How/Where do I make my money?)
  Currently Long Term Goal
MemberScript– software to create your own membership sites 20%  
WebMarketingMagic – software to run the “back end” of your biz
UltraCheapDomains – cheap place to buy and reserve domain names
Real Estate:
Places in both Vegas/New York City Area
All books and other products listed on Amazon 5%  
Fee based vs. NON fee based speaking 5%  
My own 20%  
Partnerships with clients or others
Online: Individual sites for each industry and each product 25%  
At my seminars
At other peoples seminars
Lifetime Coaching Model 10%
Corporate clients 5%  

When chunks of cash come in, find a place to put it which will pay long term annuity dividends


Reduced to a minimum via creative means and simple living

Why? To get off the rat race as soon as humanly possible

Before: BMW; Now: Honda Civic Hybrid

Before: House empty when gone; Now: House rented when gone

Before: Spent money without thinking: Now: $100, 3 day rule!

Make a LOT of money to be able to live “well” and support friends/family/causes YOU believe in!

(Goal: Net $1 million a year with NO employees – projected for 2007)


Net Result: Only do the gigs you WANT to do and Make the Money you DESERVE!

Net Result: Live your IDEAL day EVERY day!